Business and Healthcare IT

Just like every Business & Healthcare Organization is Unique, All of our service offerings are tailored to suit your needs.
ONE SIZE FITS ALL is never a perfect fit.

When you just need a little extra help to keep up with the demands of Implementations, Reporting, Infrastructure Upgrades, or General Support but can’t justify hiring another full-time employee.  We are here to help. 

Our consultants are experienced in business and healthcare IT on a variety of systems and platforms.  They are subject matter experts that understand the complexities of business and healthcare’s unique requirements.  From implementation to archive we can cover the full technology life cycle, and are ready to meet your needs.  Contact us for more information....

What Can We Help You Do?

Data Services
Systems Integration
Staff Augmentation
How we can help :
  • Data Extraction, Transform, Load.  Migrating and converting data for ingestion into new systems or archiving solutions
  • Report writing and data analytics.
  • Business Intelligence platform installation and dashboard design
  • SSIS and SSRS data workflows, transformation, and reporting.
  • SQL script design
  • Database Administration and support services
How we can Help:
  • HL7 V2 Integrations with multiple engines and systems.
  • HL7 V3  CCDA Integrations
  • Soap and ITI integrations
  • Custom SSIS integrations
  • Integration support and advanced troubleshooting
  • Process Automation
    • Scripting toolkits  such as SST and Boston
    • sFTP automation

How we can Help:

  • General Helpdesk support
    • Multiple levels of support from basic to advanced technical support
    • Multiple ticketing system experience
  • EHR/EMR and ERP implementation support
    • Process redesign
    • ETL services (See Data Services)
    • Legacy system support (allows in-house technicians to focus on the new system.)
    • Evaluation and procurement of staff augmentation services when necessary.
  • Project Management
  • Market Research
  • New service line development
How we can help :
  • Server and application virtualization
    • Citrix Design, configuration, and support
    • VMware Design, configuration and support
  • MS Exchange installation, management, optimization, and upgrades
  • Domain configuration, management, optimization, and upgrades
  • Imprivata SSO installation, configuration, and upgrades
    • Imprivata Certified Engineer
  • Network infrastructure and operations
    • Network design, installation, and optimization
    • Network support
    • Network upgrades
    • Network Security design, installation, and optimization
    • Network Security testing, penetration testing
  • Telecommunication infrastructure and operations
    • Cisco VOIP installation, configuration, and management
    • PBX to VOIP integrations
  • Data Center
    • Data Center Design
    • Power center and backup sizing (Installation via qualified electrical contractors)
    • SAN Management
    • Server installation and management
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